Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Owens Creek, MD

Owens Creek campground is part of Catoctin Mountain Park and usually opens early May. I've camped here once just to get away from DC and be outside. It served the purpose quite well. The campsites were well wooded and it was fall so there were beautiful leaves everywhere. Aside from nearly being impaled by a large falling piece of dead tree while sleeping in the early morning, it was a pleasant and uneventful day and a half of camping goodness.

Campground information

Major Pros: It is quiet and pretty remote considering its proximity to route 15. A great weekend or one night get-away.
Major Cons: If you arrive after dark its really hard to find wood for a fire, but this is true of all campgrounds.
Tips: Arrive before dark. Avoid falling tree debris.
Rating: 3

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