Saturday, September 5, 2009

National Parks on PBS

The National Parks: America's Best Idea , a Ken Burn's film on the history and little known players in the foundation of the USA's national parks, is airing on PBS September 27. I'm determined to figure out how to record tv shows before then if my family's current television technology allows for such. I doubt Hulu runs too many Ken Burns specials?
Sept 27 - "The Scripture of Nature"
Sept 28 - "The Last Refuge"
Sept 29 - The Empire of Grandeur"
Sept 30 - "Going Home"
Oct 1 - "Great Nature"
Oct 2 - "The Morning of Creation"

In the latest Backpackers magazine I was reading an interview with Ken Burns about the series and after recalling a very meaningful trip to the Shenandoah with his father at a young age he stated, "You can stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon and see rock that is 1.7 billion years old, but it matters very much who's holding your hand...There is, as John Muir said, a practical sort of immortality in that." I liked that a lot...

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old-fashioned VCR maybe?