Saturday, September 18, 2010

Meet Moni

When I was about 4 or 5 years olds my parents would take me and my little brother to the Shenandoah each autumn to look for monarch butterfly caterpillars amongst the milkweed plants. I have detailed memories of watching beautiful orange and black butterflies emerge from their green, shiny chrysalis (or chrysalides, as WikiAnswers tells me) and flying about our little condo, much to the consternation of our half-feral cat, Goofy. I went for a walk down by our creek the other day and found both milkweed and caterpillars, one of whom had the luck/misfortune to come home with me. He was named "Moni" by a pair of curious toddler twins and their parents who enjoyed meeting him on our way home.

I give you, Moni.

"How many mouths Nature has to fill, how many neighbors we have, how little we know about them, and how seldom we get in each other's way!"
- John Muir (from My Fist Summer in the Sierra)


Korianne said...

anna frodo!!! too long it has been. i love you and look forward to catching up on your blog and check it out i've updated finally! haha. grace & peace my dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Like father like daughter and it's a sure bet yur dad was taught by his wonderful dad :) Lisa